Short answer: YES!! If you have testimonials or reviews, use them.

Why? Testimonials are a great way to build trust and credibility. Why say it yourself if your clients can say it for you?

They are also great for SEO. Testimonials tend to pick up on all of the key words you want on your website.

How do I collect testimonials?

I get it. Asking for testimonials can be hard. We don’t like to ask clients and customers to do something for us, when we are in the business of helping them. But in truth, people really don’t mind! Especially if you make it easy for them.

Did you know that you can send people a link where they can give you a google review? Simply go to your Google My Business Profile, click on customers, click on reviews and then click on get more reviews where you will find a link. You can email this link to customers, add it to your invoices or even add a button for reviews on your website – like we did for the Veterinary Dermatology Specialists. https://vetdermspecialists.com.au/reviews/

Don’t have a Google My Business Profile?? Get One! They are free. Give me a call if you need help working out if you are eligible or aren’t sure about how to go about setting it up.

What is the best way to display reviews on a website?

You can place a couple of testimonials on each page, have a dedicated page for your reviews, or just place a couple on your home page depending on how many you have.

Check out what we did with these reviews for Tangled Ivy recently when Edie wanted to share the love she had received: https://tangledivy.com.au/wedding-testimonials.We placed two on the home page, with a link to more placed on their own separate page.

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