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Co-operatives WA

Co-operatives WA had a website which was built in the early years of the internet. It didn’t work well on mobile devices and it was definitely time for something new.

It was important that this site not only provided information about the Co-operative business model and how to set up a Co-operative, but also recognised its members and provided a platform to showcase research undertaken in collaboration with the UWA Business School. A big part of the brief was to provide free and easy access to a document library. The document library has been designed to expand over time, and we have plans to add a database which will search the content of PDFs for the information visitors are looking for.  

This site pays tribute to the long history of Co-operatives in WA, as well as showcasing news and web access to current members, especially their three platinum members who kindly provided images to use throughout. This site is information rich. My aim was to present text in a way that was easy to access and absorb. Jump links and internal menus have been used throughout for ease of use, so that visitors can quickly access the information they need.

Click through the screen shot images below, or visit the live site to see more!

*Please note, that as I give my clients full control of their site, changes may have been made to the original design.

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