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Conquer Your Clutter

Sandi from Conquer Your Clutter booked a website and logo package to get her decluttering business off the ground. I was super excited for the opportunity to once again work with Gill from Inspo Graphics and Design on this one.

The logo Gill created was inspired by some doodles that Sandi had of “clutter” in her note book at our discovery meeting. Gill gave us the individual clutter icons, and the clutter background sized for web to use as graphic elements on the website. These features really made the website standout.

The clutter icons have been used as decorative features, but also as interest points on information boxes describing Sandi’s services. The target element from her logo we used anywhere there are dot points on the site, which really ties her branding in. 

Sandi had a lot of information to get across on her site. We used toggles with headings that highlight the infomation they contain so that visitors could easily find the details they were looking for. The toggles also ensured that the site didn’t become too text heavy, and important information didn’t get lost in long paragraphs. 

Check out the screenshots below, or visit the live site to see more!

*Please note, that as I give my clients full control of their site, changes may have been made to the original design.

Home page crop showcasing clutter background
Icon boxes describing services

Desktop View

Full image available on click

Mobile View

Full image availble on click

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