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Fiona’s Homestyle Cooking

I loved working on this site for local mumentrepener Fiona Walker. She is making life easier for the rest of us by creating delicious, fresh home cooked meals from her very professional kitchen in Kensington, WA.

Fiona had such great content to work with for her site. She booked a website and logo package, which meant Gill from Inspo Graphics and Design was on board. Gill provided a very clear direction for the brand, and some cool graphic elements I could pull out in the web design.

She also had some wonderful photography by …… that really bought the site to life. with beauftiful images of the meals and Fiona and her team in action cooking, the brief was to keep things simple and let these elements shine.

A central part of this design is the Facebook feed on the homepage. Fiona communicates with her community through Facebook posts with daily menus and updates. The feed on the homepage means infromation posted on Facebook dynamically updates on her website, meaning non-Facebook users can be kept in the loop without Fiona having to login to another platform.

I came on board in the early stages of this business taking shape, and we went from grand ideas of online orders, memberships and home deliveries to a much simpler daily open kitchen for pickups model. The great thing about websites is they don’t have to stay the same. The grand ideas can wait and be added if and when the business is ready.

I can personally vouch for the meals created by Fiona and her team, so if you live in the area be sure to stop by.

Check out the screenshots below, or visit the live site to see more!

*Please note, that as I give my clients full control of their site, changes may have been made to the original design.

Graphic Design website

Desktop View

Full image available on click

Mobile View

Full image availble on click

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